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ELANET started as an informal network of the associations of local and regional governments and companies/institutes supporting public innovation ICT enabled at local/regional level in 1996. In 2010 it moved into a Community of Practice.

ELANET began in 1996 as an informal network of associations linked to local and regional governments, companies and institutes that supported public innovation ICT enabling at local and regional levels. In 2010 it became a Community of Practice. These companies and institutes were, in some cases, daughter companies of the associations, in others they were different kinds of organisations acknowledged by the relevant association. As there is no specific budget to finance the coordination of the network, the Steering Committee and top executives have worked on a voluntary basis. The network has had both moments of great activity and lesser activity. Projects overseen by members of the network have been used to support the coordination of the network and mainstream events (like EISCO), whenever possible. Despite its lack of resources, the network has maintained a certain continuity in the implementation of the different action plans agreed during the annual general meetings.

ELANET’s resources come from European projects; this means that the network has been more active during the 4th and 5th RTD framework programme. Mainly through the IST (Information Society technologies) vertical programme, ELANET members implemented mainstream projects like ISLA (1998-99), NET for nets (1999-2001), EUSLAND (2002-2003), KEELAN, THREE ROSES and PRELUDE (2003 -2005). Excluding the partial participation in the DEMO_NET network project, since 2006 no project activities have taken place at a European level because eGovernment research projects have become too large and demanding in the 6th FP (Integrated projects).  Furthermore, with 7thFP eGovernment there is no longer an applied research area drawing on eGovernment. With the launching of the CIP/PSP framework programme, in 1998, a new framework was offered by the Commission for deployment proposals in the area of inclusive eGovernment. The ELANET (CEMR) network’s partners began participating again and put forward two winning proposals in the past and present year (the ADD ME! network and the CEMSDI capacity building project for civil servants, both referring to the Digital Local Agenda as an implementation instrument).

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