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KEeLAN (2002)

The KEeLAN project (“Key Elements for Electronic Local Authorities’ Networks”) was launched in February 2002 as part of the European Fifth Framework Program for Research and Development and is supported by the European Commission. The project ended on 30 April 2002, however its findings have been disseminated by the partners throughout Europe also after this date.



KEeLAN's overall aim was to stimulate local authorities in their transition process towards modernisation and provision of webservices to citizens, by providing them with an e-government marching route (best practices, models and roadmaps).

The project investigated the relation between regional e-government policies and local e-government initiatives. This analysis provided a reliable picture on where Europe stands at the moment in the field of e-government.

The KEeLAN project has been elaborated within the framework of the European network ELANET/CEMR in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, acting as the technical partner.
Ancinet is the co-ordinator of the project (acting on behalf of ELANET/CEMR) and is responsible for the southern European area (Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain). LGCSB covers United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Luxembourg. KGSt is responsible for Germany, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands, and finally Efektia for the northen European area (Finland, Sweden, Denmark).
During the lifetime of the project, three technological partners (Siemens Informatica, PinkRoccade and Sonera) offered input concerning technologies being used.

The findings of the study constituted the basis for the elaboration of a roadmap and models for use by all local and regional authorities.


Ancinet s.r.l. Italy
Efektia Ltd. Finland
KGSt (Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle fur Verwaltungsvereinfachung ) Germany
LGCSB (Ireland)
Local Government Computer Services Board
Pink Roccade NV Netherlands
PWC Consulting Netherlands
Siemens Informatica S.p.A. Italy
Sonera Corporation , Information Society Unit , Finland

Project Objectives

The KEeLAN project aims to:

  • develop a vision and strategic approach towards internet based e-government for local authorities;
  • outlinine tailor-made marching routes that make the best use of IT infrastructure and of the new possibilities offered by the European research and IT market;
  • stimulate local authorities, through intensive and extensive dissemination of results, in their transition towards modernisation, integrated access platforms and advanced new generation web services to citizens.
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