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NET for nets (1999-2001)

A European research and technology development project aimed at a public access system managed by a transnational network to provide services on Internet to citizens, companies, associations and other community organisations.


 Project Objectives, Summary description and anticipated results:


"NET for nets" was an RSD&D project to launch a Municipal Telematic Counter (MTC) in Italy, Finland, Germany and Spain. The MTC was demonstrated, during 1999, on the Internet web-sites of 90 towns and offered municipal and other public administration services to citizens, businesses, community organisations and other local administrations. The telematic applications of the MTC core services were produced by the "NET for nets" Consortium. The Consortium's contractors were three telematic companies/institutes, owned by Local Authorities and/or their National Associations, and a Regional authority, in the case of Finland.

The Consortium's associate contractors were 19 Local governments (or entities fully owned by them) representing different types of municipal, provincial and regional powers. The project co-ordinator was Ancitel S.p.A., a telematic company of the Italian Municipal Association, which manages a telematic network connecting daily 3.500 Local governments.

The medium-term objective of "NET for nets" was to build a European model of a telematic municipal counter providing highly inter-active and standardised services. The digital network was maked use of the latest technology available for systems using Internet as trans-national network and TCP-IP as main protocol of communication. Cost-effective technical solutions was preferred to guarantee a future growth of the MTC in different local realities and countries of the European Union, in particular where there are limited resources for public investment in ICT solutions.

The project results were disseminated mainly through the European network ELANET. The network ( operates under the umbrella of the Council of Europe for Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and gathers the National Associations of Local Authorities of the European Union countries, and Norway, as well as the telematic companies co-operating with them.

Around 16 pilot telematic applications were developed by "NET for nets" to launch the MTC, dealing mainly with administrative procedures, social services and tourism. People had less need of going to public premises. MTC services were allow housewives, elderly, young people and disabled, to reach the public administration from home. SMEs and other Local administrations had access them from their own premises. Payments of public services, local taxes, fines, and other local fees have been possible. Kiosks and other assisted public access points shall be used. An audiotex version of the MTC was demonstrated in Italy to allow access by only using the telephone. New solutions to access Internet from TV sets were also considered.

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